The 4th in a nutshell

Here’s how my day went:

The family and I went to my sister’s in-laws for our annual 4th of July/Niece & Nephew birthday party. We had tri-tip, I ate mushrooms for the first time (not too bad… not as mushy as I thought they’d be, no pun intended) went swimming for a while, and capped the evening off with a family poker tournament. And get this – Mom & Dad had absolutely no problem with me playing. (Of course, the buy-in was only $5 and it was obvious that the game was primarily for fun, but I”ll take what I can get.) As a special bonus, I won the whole thing, pocketing $20 in the process. Then again, I did catch quite a few river cards on all-in situations, like a river 3 that made me two pair and a river 8 that filled my gutshot straight draw on the last hand. Fireworks show this year was quite good, although the lack of a wind to blow away the smoke diminished the effect.

Still and all, it was a decent way to spend the holiday. Glad I finally got this day off of work for once.


2 thoughts on “The 4th in a nutshell

  1. rbmkalpha

    Glad to hear the thing with your parents went well, Loog. 🙂

    You never ate mushrooms? Damn man. Whatdidya have? Portabello? Porchini? Chanterelles? Mitake? (I think I have an allergy to Portabellos.)


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