That would’ve been quite a stab

I’m trying to minimize my DDR ego-strokings here, but I found this to be pretty remarkable.

I just played WWW.Blonde Girl a few minutes ago. It’s a fairly straightforward 7, but for some reason I never was very good at it – my previous best was in the neighborhood of 20 Greats. Ick.


Got about 85% of the way in, even getting past the triple-stomps that I thought would be smooth sailing if I cleared. Unfortunately, I still have some vestigial Nerves of Jell-O, and wobbled on a step. D’oh.

Well, at least I now have a good candidate for tonight’s attempt to continue the streak.

EDIT: Got it. That’s 10 AAAs in nine visits to EA. Black flagged another song (A Heavy) on the very next stage. On top of that, I scored my second Expert FEC on ITG.


4 thoughts on “That would’ve been quite a stab

  1. Anonymous

    Blonde girl is a cool song, I even play it a few times.

    Did you at least get the tempo change right on A, or is that where you black flagged it? Usually that screws me up, though I haven’t played that song in a while.

    I oughtta try both of those next time I play. 🙂


  2. loogaroo

    I had the slow part AAA’d. I think I got the Great right at the beginning of the fast part, not so much because of the tempo change, but the steps caught me a bit by surprise.


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