A fun time was had by all

Here’s what dmnsux0rz and I have been doing for the last 13 or so hours:

– Ate breakfast at IHOP

– Went to EB Games; bought another vopy of DDRMAX since my old one was refusing to be read by my PS2, and attempts to fix the disc last night resulted in my ruining it.

– Went bowling; I won both “official” games, official because the first game was him bowling and me trying to remember how not to throw a gutter ball.

– Went to the store; got chips & sodas.

– Went back to my place, played a multitude of video games. Jon beat me in Tecmo Super Bowl in epic fashion. I ran up a 5-0 score in Baseball Simulator 1.000 until the game locked up in the second inning. My undefeated record in Yoshi’s Cookie remained intact. Jon swept me in both of our playing of Family Feud. And of course, we made a handful of new edits for DDRMAX and Extreme. (Most notable are my edits for Secret Rendezvous – KDLANG – and for Forever Sunshine – XTRA CHZ.)

– Ate hot dogs.

– Went to Anacapa Middle School to shoot some hoops. I was missing everything for the first half an hour, but near the tail end of the night I was dialed in from the 3-point line.

– Went to Golf & Stuff (or our new name for it, Gonads & Strife) with djtyrant and his girlfriend hsailormoon, and held our second annual Team Mediocrity Invitational golf tournament. Jon won with a +9, I came in second with a +14.

– Dropped Jon over at Tyrant’s place, went home, ate food, and now am ready to crash.

Itinerary for tomorrow:

– Get the other EAT 4 materials squared away.

– Pick up Jon at Jimmy’s house around noon.

– Subject Jon to watching Girl in Gold Boots.

– Find out how many more people have dropped out of the tournament.

– More video game funness.

– Swimming, maybe.

– Picking James & Jared up at the Metrolink station.

– Toppers.

– Make the final preparations at EA.

– Go home and sleep.

Yeah, I think that about covers it.


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