IT’S frick OVER.

EAT 4 has come to its conclusion. Congratulations to Roc for winning the ITG Percentage Attack event (worth $237), HEFFtheFATTY and Nike for fighting to a draw in the Handicap Challenge (scoring $50 apiece), and DukAmok for winning the pre-reg raffle prize (a Metroid Prime GameCube).

Positives about the tournament:

– The atmosphere for the most part was incredibly laid back, which eased a lot of the stress.

– A lot of people I wasn’t expect to be there came: Nick & Ham Ham in particular.

– The Plinko round for HC was a huge success.

– Everybody seemed to have a really good time.

– The very existence of this tournament brought DMN down here, so I got to hang out with him for a few days. Damn good times.

– Girl in Gold Boots. “Hey, they have tacos!”

Negatives about the tournament:

– Only 15 ITG entrants. I know I shouldn’t sweat this, but it’s not good when you can’t field a full 16-player bracket.

– Pass Misses/Way Offs/Bad Freezes LIEK WHUT. Someone needs to invent a program that can adjust for stuff like this, just so we’re not spending 5 minutes at the computer going “add the steps and the holds, plus the hands… times 5… times .0962… plus 16… carry the one… plus last year’s gross earnings… times pi.”

– Some of the handicaps were misvalued. Calling out the proper direction of 10 modified arrows is not worth 10 points. Untying three knots from a rope while playing a song is worth more than one point.

– The Plinko board got bumped into, breaking off a couple pegs. Later on, it slipped off the machine and fell to the floor, causing the bottom part to come unglued. Oh well, those are easy fixes.

– Lots of gripes about the format, particularly whose song gets played first.

– Japanese food not agreeing with me.

Quotes of the week:

“Hey, at least you passed the song.” – regarding DMN’s edit for 5.1.1. which is nothing but one freeze arrow that lasts the entire song. He got a great on it, sending both me and Tyrant to the floor in hysterics.
“Gonads & Strife”
“Tim’s ball, COME ON DOWN!!”
“This is Bob. Bob is a Jedi Warrior who called Enzyte. Now he’s got a double-sided lightsaber.” (Or something like that.)
“You called an all-in with an Ace-Queen of Hearts??”
“Hey girls, I’m gay.”
“Are you single?”
“My games!”
“I hope he dies a miserable death involving acid, bees, or acid-covered bees.”
And of course: “Ohhhh no no no no no…. SERIOUS BUSINESS.


6 thoughts on “IT’S frick OVER.

  1. rbmkalpha


    (Forum image macro to come…)

    Dude… Plinko 2000… make it full metal, ruggedized, computerized scoring system…

  2. dukamok

    theres a program that calculates scores. i have it on my computer, so IM me at DukAmok if you want it for future reference. i wouldve told you guys about it at the tournament but i didnt think id be able to find it in the itgfreak forums again.

    nice tourney though 😀

  3. Anonymous

    thanks for putting on this tournament. i had a great time and i know that despite voicing complaints about the rules of the tournament roc also had a great time. the only problem with the tournemant was the pad misses and bads but that was completely out of your control and you guys did a good job recalculating scores. hope theres more of these in the future.



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