Let’s set the clock at one month. *ding*

There are two events I want to attend within the next month and a half:

1) Game Show Congress 4, Aug. 19-21
2) RGC Beta, Sept. 3

However, I also think now’s the time I start looking for real work, work that doesn’t involve putting 100 miles on my car every single day or relying on the kindness of strangers to supply half my pay. And so, here’s the deal:

If I find a new job within the next month, something that’s more attuned to a permanent career with opportunities to advance therein, I will allow myself to attend these two events. If I’m still working at Toppers by the time GSC4 rolls around, I will not permit myself to go. Likewise, if Sept. 3 arrives and I’m still at Toppers, I will not go to that either.

I have to start disciplining myself about this. For the last year and a half, I’ve always promised that after I’m done with a major event, that’s the time I’ll buckle down and start intensifying my job search. Of course, I soon make plans for another event and quickly put it off until that event has passed. It’s time to start getting tough on myself. Which would I rather do – go to an ITG tournament, or put myself closer to being able to have a place of my own?

Wish me luck.


3 thoughts on “Let’s set the clock at one month. *ding*

  1. tleberle

    I think you’re whacked. I have my own issues about the GSC (particularly who runs the joint), so I wouldn’t go there if you paid me.

    The other thing: You SHOULD be out looking for work. “Professor” Steve will have his annual pat-on-the-ass convention every year. I intend to do lots of traveling and fun stuff, but I have to wait until I have a career. Not a job. A career. Find meaningful work first; don’t put it off, because if you keep doing it, you’ll be 40 and delivering pizza and salad.


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