Well, work today was an absolute waste of time.

I had an 11-2 shift today. During the whopping three hours I was there (actually, make that 2 hours 40 minutes, seeing as I clocked out around 1:40), I had a whole three deliveries, and made a grand total of $12. I was fortunate to get a $5 tip on my last order of the day (on a $15 order, no less); without it, I wouldn’t have even made ten bucks. And I’m really glad I didn’t get gas before my shift, or else I would’ve taken a substantial loss on the day.

Far be it for me to be telling my boss how to run the place, but I’m really beginning to suspect that this guy has no clue how to schedule us drivers. Let’s consider the following:

1) The whole concept of the 11-2 shift. I know that there’s a small window of time after the place opens in which the lunch “rush” occurs, but honestly – a three-hour shift is a waste of a day. Especially when the guy with the 11-2 shift is working six days that week. Especially when he’s working six days, and comes in for the day he should’ve had off and spends half of his shift doing things you already pay the in-store employees to do (like bus tables and fill the napkin dispensers).

2) Just about every day, we have three drivers come in at 11:00, and a fourth driver starting at 11:30. Sometimes we even start with four and add a fifth driver half an hour later. In order to sustain this amount of labor, there ought to be at least some point during the lunch rush that there are as many orders on the screen at one time as there are drivers on the clock. Anything less than that, and you’re guaranteeing that at least one driver at any given time will be standing around waiting for the printer to wake up. And when was the last time there have been four orders on board on a Tuesday? Even on the rare occasion that the store gets swamped in the early hours, we aren’t averse to taking double runs, and I’m sure from a business standpoint having a couple orders arrive late is more desirable than hemorrhaging labor money by paying two people $7 an hour to fold boxes.

3) Just how many drivers do we have, anyway? I can count twelve of us right off the top of my head – and that’s not counting someone who quit less than a week ago. Take into account how many of us are available for both afternoon and evening shifts, and you’ve probably got at least two drivers too many on the schedule. Fewer drivers means two things: more hours for everyone else, and less people working at a particular time, which leads to more productive labor.

I’d say there’s about a 50% chance I’m going to put in my two weeks before my next paycheck (a week from Thursday). Days like this are the primary reason I’m itching to get out.


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