Ladies and gentlemen… Hammerslave!!

Inspired by all those punk and neo-metal bands where they take one mundane word and one “hardcore” word and smash them together to create their band name (Mudvayne, Godsmack, Audioslave and so on).

The Punk/Metal band name generator by Loogaroo
Instrument Lead singer/grunterGuitarBassDrumsChainsawTortured cow
Word #1 Hammer
Word #2 slave
Quiz created with MemeGen!

One thought on “Ladies and gentlemen… Hammerslave!!

  1. rbmkalpha


    I’m not sure why, but that sounds incredibly wrong on various levels. šŸ˜¦

    Actually, a few band name ideas for my upcoming speed-metal band:
    – Prussian Travel Guide
    – Bottle With Sound
    – FV-AC (Flemish Velociraptors Against Circumcision)
    – Detect It and No Going
    – Dangerous Amounts of Superheated Smoke


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