Hooray for salad days

I’m very pleased to report that after making some major stumbles with my first real money deposit at Full Tilt, I’m back on the plus side. Thanks to seven consecutive winning days, I’ve gone from having only $17 left on a $50 deposit, back to $54. It should be noted that all my losses were on account of two losses at a $20 + 2 and a $10 + 1 tournament, and all of the winnings have come from playing .25/.50 ring games.

It’s helped that I actually took some time to ask other players about my leaks – playing unsuited high cards against a large field, making undisciplined chases with gutshot draws, and so on. The message boards on the FTP site have really given me a lot of good advice which have contributed to the comeback.

Of course, I realize that this winning streak is not going to last forever. The true test of both my skill and my patience will come when the cards start to turn a bit sour and my bankroll starts to dip again. Hopefully I’ll be able to handle it better than I have in the past.

(In other news, my T7 appears to be losing its mojo. Haven’t won with it yet on FTP.)


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