Phone Post


3 thoughts on “Phone Post

  1. rbmkalpha

    Oh man, that’s creepy-as-hell!

    He’s probably like Jeffery Dahlmer… if you ever come back to deliver there (well, with the two weeks, that probably won’t happen) and you smell something that smells like cooking fat or bacon or see one or more industrial plastic drums in the back, BEAT IT THE HELL OUT OF THERE.

    Re: schitzo: I ran into this customer a few times at Wal-Mart that I swear was absolutely high-level unmedicated schitzophrenic. He always acted irratically and said these strange/nasty things, and it was beyond just a twisted sense of humor.

  2. smartguy323

    Holy shit that must have been freaky. U gotta be careful in case they do have weapons and force u to do some shit. It be awesome if a chick was to offer u $100 😉


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