I’m using my dad’s computer right now. Good Lord, is this thing slow. On top of that, he doesn’t have Firefox (blasphemer!), and there aren’t any USB 2.0 ports so I can’t use my thumb drive (since this is Windows ’98, meaning this thing doesn’t even know what a thumb drive is), meaning I can’t move anything from my computer onto this one unless I burned a CD-ROM. Which sucks, since I want to get my latest ITG scores up on Groovestats, and I also wanted to enlist the help of a couple people to look through some stuff I’ve rewritten the last couple of days.

Not that I’m having withdrawal or anything. I’m just really bored. Worst thing about it is: if my PCI adapter had just waited another 12 hours to crap out, I’d have finished that last MST3K torrent and I could burn the season 10 DVDs. Boo hoo.

In other news, two more days until my two week notice. After that, who knows. Odds are looking quite strong that the Santa Clara opening will indeed take place, although I’m obviously not planning on heading out there the moment the current tenant leaves. EA folks, expect me to bring back that ITG2 tournament before I leave, just so we have one more chance to get together and stuff.


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  1. rbmkalpha

    Again, best of luck with your job situation. I think it was a good idea to move on.

    What exactly failed on your computer? PCI adapter?

    Heh, don’t complain too much – we still have (and use) a 386 running 3.11 at our house. ;-D

  2. loogaroo

    My wireless PCI adapter died moments after scanning my C drive with NOD32 Anti-Virus. It still gets a signal, but every IP address it gives me is invalid.

    Already called Belkin – they’re sending a replacement. Hopefully it comes today, since I’ll be out of town all weekend.


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