So, here’s what’s been going on in my life the past few days.

– Got my first SDE score ever on ITG2: 8 Excellents on Pick Me Up & Tango. Whoopee.

– Toppers has finally raised their gas reimbursement to $1 per delivery. Still much lower than it should be (especially since it’s a 15¢ raise and yet they now charge customers a 25¢ delivery charge – wonder where that other dime is going…) but I guess it’s a step in the right direction. Unfortunately, I only get to enjoy this raise until this coming Thursday, which is my last day. (And suffice to say, woe to anybody who tries to stiff me on my last day.)

– I’m going to be reorganizing my website in the next few months, to accomodate for the fact that I’m probably not going to have the same amount of time to maintain it as I have in the past. Most of the content will stay on, but I’ll be formatting it all to look a bit more professional.

– And now, the big news.

As most of you know, I’ve been planning on moving out of the house here in Ventura and into a new place. Up until recently, the most likely destination for me was going to be usasatsui‘s pad up in Santa Clara. However, last Tuesday another friend made it known that he was also in need of a roommate very soon. After weighing the options and talking to about five different people about their thoughts on the matter, I decided to move in with Ben Ziek down in Glendale. It just seems like a better choice rather than moving to a place where I would be totally unfamiliar with the area and far away from all of the people around here. I’m going to be going down there sometime early September to work out all the details; I’ll keep you posted.


7 thoughts on “

  1. djtyrant

    Oh I see how it is. Moving down near the dedicated ITG2 cabinet.

    I’m just playing man :P.

    I’m sure it’s a good move for you and it moves you closer to the industry.


  2. gsnnwriter

    Moving to LA

    Excellent, excellent decision. I think this kills a few birds in 1 shot. There will also be more job opportunities. May I suggest and for your job searching needs? Let me know how those turn out.


  3. gameshowman

    The best part is you’ll be closer to me and Jason, too. Maybe we’ll get to hand out more often. (And maybe you’ll be able to help Ben get Internet access, the poor boy.)


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