Let’s get packing!

I’m starting to pack stuff up now. Got about 98% of my video games boxed up (save for the ones that I might still play within the next few days), along with all my video tapes, magazines, and a few knick-knacks. For those people who think that video games encourage obesity, try carrying them around in a large cardboard box.

Mom says she knows someone who might be able to get me work over at First American Title. They have their regional headquarters less than a mile away from where I’ll be living. Once I stop being lazy I’ll probably send her a résumé she can give to him and see what happens. Failing that, Ben says they need some front desk people at the Burbank Hilton where he works, so it looks as if finding work at my new place won’t be too difficult.

I’m gonna be going to EA tonight. It probably won’t be the last time I go before the move (seeing as I tend to go twice a week anyway), but it’ll probably be my last chance to see everyone beforehand. I will say that moving to a place that’s two blocks away from an ITG2 dedicated cabinet is a plus, although I’ll be moving away from the Drum Mania & Guitar Freaks machine that I’ve slowly been getting addicted to. Oh well – I’m probably still going to head down to EA once or twice a month, and I’ll be closer to the Pop’n Music at AI anyway. 🙂

Oh, and one more thing – go Seahawks.


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