Hey… J-J-Jaded…

I found this lying around as I was cleaning off my dresser. I’ve been wanting to get it captured for a while, but never got around to it today.

It’s the karaoke song that dmnsux0rz and I made back at the Tour Stop Finals in July of ’03. Watch for the guest cameo by a flying Pepsi bottle.


2 thoughts on “Hey… J-J-Jaded…

  1. rbmkalpha

    You are so utterly, completely, certifiably nuts, Loog.

    Loog: Oh, there’s another verse to this song…
    dmnsux0rs: AAAH! RUN AWAY!

    You had to do the William Shattner thing too, didn’y ya… at around 3:00 I half expected to hear a bang and see a bullet hole appear on the side of the truck. 0.0


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