I just hope they don’t grade on a curve.

Over on DDRFreak there’s a thread asking people to rate their life to this point on a scale from 0 to 100. I decided to work out my place in life, and I figure I’d share it with you guys.

Note: The whole formula was my idea – everyone else kinda just came up with an arbitrary number.)

PHYSICAL STATE: 25 points possible
-5 pts. for bad teeth
-5 pts. for poor posture (slouching)
-3 pts. for mild asthma
-2 pts. for getting gray hair abnormally early
-2 pts. for poor eyesight
+3 pts. for being able to eat whatever I want without getting fat (fast metabolism)
+3 pts. for having sound cholesterol/blood pressure readings at least checkup


MENTAL STATE: 25 points possible
-5 pts. for having occasional problems with nerves/temper


SOCIAL STATE: 25 points possible
-10 pts. for not having a significant other
-3 pts. for being an introvert
+3 pts. for the fact that all the friendships I have are very strong ones
+5 pts. for new independence (moving out on my own)


FINANCIAL STATE: 25 points possible
-15 pts. for not currently having a job
+5 pts. for not having any outstanding debt
+3 pts. for having almost $5000 in the bank
+2 pts. for getting ahead of my car payments




12 thoughts on “I just hope they don’t grade on a curve.

  1. tleberle

    I think it’s sad that you would deduct 10 points for not having an SO. I would double my own score for that very reason. Granted, I think love is a big joke anyway, and I’m not looking. And as we all know, Anderson Cooper made gray hair fashionable.

  2. loogaroo

    Hey, 74% isn’t a bad score.

    I think it just goes to say that my place in life is quite decent, although there are areas where I can improve upon myself. To say that your life scores a 100% would mean that it’s perfect, and nobody’s life is perfect. (Besides, once I get a job – which I’m hoping to do by the end of the month – that’ll bump my score up to 79%.)

  3. m1_prominence

    “To say that your life scores a 100% would mean that it’s perfect, and nobody’s life is perfect.”

    No, it’s to say that you wouldn’t want your life any other way. I don’t see how anyone can want their life any other way.

  4. loogaroo

    Well, for example, I’d rather have a job than not have a job. I’d also rather have good posture than bad posture. Doing something like that has actually helped me make a concerted effort to improve upon the things I dinged myself for (like, for example, making it a point to sit up straight). I wouldn’t want to alter the course of my life up to now, but I would certainly like to make improvements on myself in the future.

  5. loogaroo

    I don’t think you’re understanding what I’m saying.

    This isn’t a matter of if I would change anything on if I had to do everything over again. This is a way to quantify the things I can improve upon in the future. At this very moment, I don’t have a job. Financially speaking, that’s not good. I will (not would) be better off once I find work and have a steady income. I’m not saying that I wouldn’t want to “go through the experience of getting a job”, just that I need to get a job.


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