Just ’cause I haven’t posted in a while

In case you’re wondering what difference it makes, the ITG2 machine at the Galleria has a glitch that doesn’t deduct from your score if you get a Way Off, Miss, or hit a mine. So if not for the fact that it was a pad Way Off that I shouldn’t have gotten anyway, I wouldn’t have made it. (I would’ve had a 98.79, which would’ve still been a personal best – but no tri-star.)

Even with the glitch, I managed a star on this song. And I have no idea how the hell I pulled it off.

And now, in other news… I still don’t have a job yet.

This is a bit troubling, especially since I’m down to about $60 in cash left. Once that’s gone, I’ll have to start dipping into my bank account – and I would really prefer not doing that. It’s not for lack of trying either – I’ve applied to about a dozen and a half places on the entertainmentcareers.net website and haven’t gotten a call back on any of them. Maybe I need to start taking matters into my own hands and call these people myself, because there’s no way I want to start working again at some minimum-wage job (or close to it). I’ve had enough of those.


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