I found a job. Not only did I find a job, but it’s a job that gets me into a television studio – multiple studios, even.

I got hired as a page for a firm called “Audiences Unlimited”. Basically, I’m going to be that guy that leads all of the audience members out of the parking garage and to the studio, then showing them to their seats when they get there. I’m sure there will be some other duties for me as well while the show actually tapes.

The downside is that the pay stinks ($7.25/hr) and it’s only two days a week (Tuesdays and Fridays), but it’s something. And besides, there’s nothing that says I can’t get a second job for the other days of the week. It’s also temporary for the time being, but I don’t see much of a reason why they wouldn’t pick me up permanently after these first two tapings.

After two and a half years of looking, I’ve finally hit pay dirt. And now I’m going to do a little dance.


6 thoughts on “YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!

  1. rbmkalpha

    Cool! Congratulations Loog.

    Yeah, I’ve seen people who do that job on some show way back when. Hopefully you’re good with the occasional people who can be cranky, demanding, or a little odd!


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