When we last left our hero…

Here’s a general rundown of what’s been going on in my life the last week or so:

– I started work for Audiences Unlimited last week. I worked as a page for two shows on the Warner Bros. Lot: “Hot Properties”, some TGIF comedy on ABC which has humor you can catch a mile away (the only realy saving grace to the show is Nicole Sullivan playing the resident wise-cracker); and “The War at Home”, a sitcom on FOX starring Michael Rapaport which actually isn’t bad at all. It’s a lot like FOX’s earlier entry “Titus”, with lots of clips of various characters doing pre-recorded monologues to the camera.

The work is interesting: I come to the studio about two hours before the taping starts and escort audience members to the stage where they sit down. If someone needs to go to the bathroom, I take them there and wait for them to finish, then bring them back (waiting for the red light outside to go off if need be). We hand out pizza and water to the house halfway into the taping as well, and then take them outside to their shuttles when the taping ends. It’s pretty hectic until the taping starts, at which point it’s pretty simple work. I even get a free box lunch during my break – and the sandwiches they provide aren’t pre-assembled, meaning I don’t have to take everything out to eat it. 🙂 I went to their office today and filled out the paperwork to become a permanent employee (last week was basically temp work), and I have three training days this week. Interesting that I have my training after I’ve already worked two full shifts, but c’est la vie.

– I also got in touch with CBS studios about working there as a page as well. I got called back the next day, but unfortunately I had run out of minutes on my cell phone the night before. On top of that, I wasn’t able to get online either because the nearby new-age healing place that had been unwittingly providing me free internet service since I’d moved in had locked down their router, leaving me without any means of communication over the weekend. I didn’t manage to return their e-mail until Tuesday, which isn’t a good thing when they want to make sure people have reliable contacts before they’re hired. I was told to fill out an online application, though, which I did as soon as I hung up with them.

Haven’t heard from them yet, although honestly I’m having second thoughts as to whether I should pursue this second paging stint anyway. I’m definitely going to have to find a second job to supply me some income, and being a page at both firms would basically block out the entire week for other work. (I could just work weekends, but there aren’t many places that will hire people for only two days a week.)

– Still playing ITG. Last Saturday there was a tournament over at the Galleria. I wasn’t planning on entering, but when I found out that the event started an hour earlier than I expected and I wasn’t going to be able to get any playing time in otherwise, I decided to play. There were 14 people there; I qualified 12th – and that’s only because one person was Great Attacking the qualifying round. Even though the thing was double elimination, I could only play one match anyway since I had other plans that day.

– Those other plans: our fourth game night (or, in this case, afternoon) with myself, my roommate, gameshowman, riversidedimple, Jason’s friend Matt, and Ben’s friend Seth. It was quite an eventful day – among the games we played were the British home game of Countdown, a self-programmed $25,000 Pyramid, Family Feud (using the Spanish-language game that Jason had, but playing in English, natch), and the DVD game Scene It.

From there, it was on to poker – the first time I’d played in about a month and a half since I’d moved out here. I played decently, but ran into some terrible luck. I had QQ two spots from the button and raised it to $15 (about 1/3 of my stack; we each started with $50 apiece). Seth (a semi-pro poker player himself) went into the tank for a long time before moving all in, which I almost immediately called. Only problem? Seth had KK. That third queen never came, and I was the second player out, thinking once again that I was never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever going to win this fucking game. (At least by the time I go on tilt, I’ve already lost, so I can’t do any worse.)

– Apparently someone upstairs disapproves of my move; we’ve had two thunderstorms since I came out here, one of them going last night into this afternoon. At about 2:00 this afternoon, there was a bolt of lightning that couldn’t have struck more than 100 yards away from me. There wasn’t even half a second between the lightning and the thunder. And damn, that thing was loud – so much so that it set off the nearby car alarms. Luckily, I was safely inside the apartment, but still – I immediately unplugged all my valuable electronics in case of a power surge.

– Seahawks are 4-2. Rams are 2-4. Me likies. Of course, none of this matters until and unless we actually win a playoff game, but I’m slowly becoming more and more excited about this year’s team. Joe Jurevicius has been a huge pickup for us, and it’s nice to see the receivers actually hold on to the ball – it gives us a very nice second option when Shaun Alexander is done running defensive backs ragged.

OK, I think that just about covers it.


2 thoughts on “When we last left our hero…

  1. fortheonesilove

    Titus! I forgot about that show, used to watch it all the time.

    I for one have found the Seahawks’ records thus far agreeable as well… and we’ve been getting storms here too in Ventura so I don’t think you have to worry much about divine wrath.

  2. rbmkalpha

    Sounds pretty good there Loog.

    I’d be more worried about bumbling Con-Edison employees rather then nature’s wrath as far as your electronics go, considering their track record so far.

    So how is living away from home?


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