More randomness

Since I can’t seem to expound at length on any one thing, I have a tendency to put off mentioning some things until much later, when I’ve accumulated enough random tidbits to make it worth posting. So:

– No work this week. Unfortunately it’s a slow week at the studios (a lot of shows take an occasional week off), so the senior pages are getting priority for the few shows that are taping. Bummer. On the plus side, this does give me a chance to look for a second job – y’know, one that would actually give me enough money to pay bills and stuff. I’ve thought about applying to be a security guard over at the WB studios, although the prospect of 12-hour shifts is a bit daunting.

– Speaking of studios, I had my first honest-to-Gosh celebrity run-in (or at least, as close of a run-in as you can get without actually running into the celebrity): While walking back to the shuttle at the CBS Radford studios on Thursday night, who came running past me along the sidewalk than Frankie Muniz of Malcom in the Middle fame. Didn’t get to do much more than smile and nod in a greeting fashion at him, but still – pretty cool. If Ki’rath were ever to make it on Cartoon Network (heh), he’d be supplying the voice (if not the whole character model). But I digress.

– Picked up We Love Katamari earlier last week. At the risk of spoiling things for other people, this game shot through the stratosphere of kick-assness when I played the last level and discovered I could roll up the King of All Cosmos. You can expect a review of it on TJG pretty soon (and hopefully they’ll get around to posting the Top 100 Games list we spent a month and a half compliling pretty soon.)

– Seahawks are now 5-2 after beating the Cowboys yesterday. Hard to believe just one year ago, this team was gagging away leads to the Cowboys and the Rams late in the game. Now they’ve beaten both teams in ways that make it appear as if they might have a chance to make some noise in the postseason. (Of course, they have to get to the postseason first, but with Arizona and San Fran languishing and the Rams injury-stricken from the coach on down, getting the division title won’t be too demanding a task.)

– The California special election is going to be held in about two weeks. I’ve already posted my recommendations on each proposition over on DDRFreak, but in case you don’t go to that site, I’m basically voting Yes on everything except 79 (although I don’t know too much about 78 and 80). Prop 77, which gives retired judges the task of drawing congressional and legislative districts instead of having the state legislature do it themselves, is a definite yes. When the incumbent party wins all 153 state and Congressional races in a given election, something is definitely fishy.

– The Gamerz Lounge Tournament over at EA is this coming Saturday. Yes, it’s the one that originally had the format which was suspiciously derivative of EAT4. We ironed all that out, though, so it’s cool. Unfortunately, a lot of people seem to be dropping out at the last second (hardly a surprise, given that it happened to me quite a bit with my tournaments), so I don’t know how many people are going to be there. Then again, fewer entrants means more of a chance that I’ll qualify, so we’ll see what happens. I’m also doing a freestyle routine – my first official FS entry since way back in August of ’03 at dmnsux0rz‘s Horrible Excuse 3. Still need to grab a couple of props for it, but I should be ready to rehearse tomorrow.

– And finally: Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa + Peppermint Mocha Coffee Mate = So delicious it makes my brain melt. Mmmmmmmm.


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