It’s special election time!

I just got back from voting. Yes on 73-77; No on 78-80.

Hopefully 74-77 pass so all the reasons we voted Arnold in to begin with actually come to light. (Especially 75 and 77 – stopping the public employee unions from spending union dues on political agendas their members don’t support and redrawing the gerrymandered districts would be big victories for the governor.)

BTW, I finally scored another interview for a position as a file clerk at a media company on Wilshire Blvd. The bad news is that it’s only 20 hours a week, but that means I could probably do both jobs at the same time, so I would be working fairly close to full time hours anyway. Anything that keeps me out of seasonal retail work is A-OK with me.


2 thoughts on “It’s special election time!

  1. djtyrant

    I’m really torn on 74, it REALLY screws Heather over in a way because she wants to be a teacher and if she has to wait 5 years for job security it’ll be a pain. I’ll most likely vote no on it, but anyways the other governator initiatives sound ok with me.



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