Spoke too soon

Looks like my domain name was finally released.

The new server should kick in within the next few days.

(After that, all I’ll have to do is add content!)


6 thoughts on “Spoke too soon

  1. loogaroo

    No it isn’t. It means that the domain name isn’t owned by my old server anymore. Once GoDaddy lets go of the name, my new server will be able to pick it up.

  2. jturbeville

    Hey Loog!

    I just got hold of your LJ entries. I didn’t see any emails from you and it’s been a very busy week. I just got hired at Amgen after a series of interviews and I just found out I passed my tax exam, so I haven’t been around.

    In regards to the domain name, I remember setting it to not renew. If for some reason I still have control of the domain, let me know what nameservers you want it changed and I’ll do it.

    Damn. I’m so sorry. I’m never around anymore! Just so busy trying to get myself back on track ever since I left my other job over the summer.


  3. baloneyman

    The New Server

    I have tried to contact loogslair.com in the past few days but to no avail. I wonder, is the address still loogslair.com, or is it something else? I am certainly curious as to how the new site will look. Thank you.


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