A game guaranteed to make you say…

Seattle Seahawks – 27
San Francisco 49ers – 25

In all seriousness, I didn’t expect this game to be a blowout. All San Francisco had to do was get their offense going again and it would be a battle. Luckily they missed the 2-point conversion, or else we’d be in overtime right now, and who knows how that would pan out.

So now the Seahawks are 8-2 with the best record in the NFC, in the drivers’ seat for homefield advantage throughout the playoffs. The magic number of Seahawk wins and Ram losses needed to clinch the division is down to 2. But I’m not resting on my laurels yet. This was precisely the moment (not to mention the circumstances) where the rug got pulled out from under the ‘Hawks in 1999 and they went on a four-game nosedive, almost doinking away the playoff spot in the process. Up next are two very tough games: at home against the Giants (who can wrench homefield advantage from us if they win) and at Philadelphia (who I’m sure are primed to become spoilers now that their own playoff hopes have been all but dashed). If we lose both those games, it will be very easy to discount the ‘Hawks fast start – and I certainly don’t want this team to be reeling from a losing streak when they go up against the Colts on Week 16.

The Seahawks are playing very well this season. But the season ain’t over yet.


6 thoughts on “A game guaranteed to make you say…

  1. caffymajin

    I didn’t get to see the second half because i was shopping, but i didn’t expect a blowout either. I think they suffered from looking ahead somewhat this week, but you’re right, the next few weeks will definitely a good indication if they’re going to go deep into the playoffs or not. Who’s your favorite college teams btw?

  2. usasatsui

    Eh, it was just the 49er crap in reverse: They sucked up the first half and played real hard the second, instead of the other way around. They finally ended the field-goal-o-rama, though.

  3. gsnnwriter

    Completely Off Subject

    Hi Loog –

    We were starting to plan for next year’s Game Show TOurnament and it has come to my attention that you would be interesting in hosting games. Are you interested? If so, should I add you on the list and fill you in as to what we’re doing and what’s available?



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