You meet the nicest people on AIM.

coolrachelbaby: Are you gay?
Loogaroo1: Are you a homophobe?
coolrachelbaby: u r
Loogaroo1: No.
coolrachelbaby: yes
Loogaroo1: Just because I won’t have sex with you does not mean I’m gay.
coolrachelbaby: idiot
coolrachelbaby: I am a man
Loogaroo1: I see you’re on your mom’s account, then.
coolrachelbaby: LOSER
Loogaroo1: You’re asking random people if they’re gay or not, and I’m the loser.
coolrachelbaby: really?
coolrachelbaby: Hey.
coolrachelbaby: I let my 11-year old cousin use my AIM account.
coolrachelbaby: This is the result.
Loogaroo1: And who is this?
coolrachelbaby: Hope you’re having fun!
coolrachelbaby: I am just a random person who got your name somewhere
coolrachelbaby: Well, here’s my COUSIN! Ha ha!
Loogaroo1: This is apparently the sort of family where cousins marry and have children.


3 thoughts on “You meet the nicest people on AIM.

  1. mowlawner_queen

    Human stupidity, immaturity, and lack of manners never fails to amaze me. Though your quip at the end was rather amusing. Kudos on keeping your cool in the face of utter rudeness and ignorance.

  2. nnnnnnnooooooo

    I was just about to post something similar to this but I stupidly left without saving the conversation. This guy sends me an IM saying he could see that hentai that I’ve apparently hosted on Gamerzlounge. I tell him I haver never posted hentai and he says “O….well do you have any?”. I say no, and he ends the conversation with “Bye then”. Frickin weirdos.


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