Seahawks escape with another one

Seattle Seahawks – 24
New York Goats – 21 (OT)

Only caught the tail end of the game, since some friends and I went to see a Clippers game at Staples Center this afternoon (they lost). Good Lord, the ending to this game was gut-wrenching. Three times the ‘Hawks gave New York an opportunity to win the game, and all three times their kicker doinked the field goal attempt. Now you can call this game a fluke – Seattle’s play was very sloppy towards the end, particularly the two three-and-outs that preceded the first two figgie attempts – but the fact of the matter is that last year, the Seahawks would not have won these games. They would have folded like a card table and let the Giants get those few extra yards they would have needed for one of those kicks to make it through. Big ups to Jurevicius and Alexander for having another big game, as well as D.J. Hackett for making a clutch reception on the eventual game-winning drive.

The moment of the game, though, happened as Jay Feely missed the kick at the end of regulation. Jeremy Shockey was mugging into a sideline camera, gloating about what he assumed would be a made field goal. I think I’ll let his reaction speak for itself:

9-2, folks. 9-2. One more Seattle win or Ram loss and the NFC West is ours. We are now firmly in the driver’s seat for any first-round byes or homefield advantage that will be awarded in the postseason. Dare I say it – this could be The Year.


4 thoughts on “Seahawks escape with another one

  1. usasatsui

    Oh, man, I heard that game on the radio. The end of it, anyway (after the Raider’s incredible chokefest). That kicker is gonna be shot. No excuse for missing any field goal inside the 40 if you’re a pro, let alone 2 of them.

    The laces were IN!


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