Can you say “Beatdown”?

Seattle Seahawks – 42
Philadelphia Eagles – 0

You know it’s going to be a fun game when your defense scores as many points as your offense.

Any doubts as to who’s the best team in the NFC now?


8 thoughts on “Can you say “Beatdown”?

  1. usasatsui

    Oh yeah? What about the 49ers?

    How many teams can win a game with 5 field goals?

    Or play games where thier defense outscores thier offense 14-0?

    Or…um…okay, the 49ers suck and I’m just plain jealous. Go Seattle. Rah.

  2. tamarik

    Eagles – Terrell Owens + Coaching in Disarray = Shitty Fucking Team

    I love the Seahawks, but they were playing a damn junior varsity team tonight. Even the Texans could beat Philly right now.

  3. wschmrdr

    With the Giants, I have doubts……..

    Then again, I don’t pay attention to the NFC that much. Tis nice to see the Seahawks finally having a really good season.

  4. donaldduck5671

    Good News, Bad News

    The Good News…..

    Seattle will go to Detroit.

    The Bad News….

    They face Indy….again.

    Worse News
    They’re the final stop on Peyton’s Road To Immortality,

    The Original Donald
    and The Rolling Liberals are the Halftime Show


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