Loog’s a greedy little bastard, isn’t he?

Somewhat stolen from iguanagrrl:

Basically, this is a list of things I’d like to get for Christmas. Nobody out there is obligated to provide any of the stuff below (especially since quite a bit of this is fairly pricy), but you either have something you’d like to get rid of or you can swing an extra purchase, I’ll be happy to provide you with a home address.

1. A portable dishwasher (like this one) that can be hooked up to the kitchen faucet
2. A pair of gloves. My hands are usually freezing standing outside and in heavily air-conditioned studios at work.
3. Dragon Quest VIII for the PS2 would make me squeal with delight, but if there was a relatively inexpensive used game I’m looking for, I wouldn’t mind getting Prince of Persia: Sands of Time.
4. A commissioned drawing of Hogan Atwater. (Any artists lurking out there?)
5. A gift card to Panda Express. I loves me some Panda.
6. Seasons 3 and 4 of Danger Mouse on DVD.
7. They Might Be Giants: They Got Lost.
8. The Gitaroo Man OST.
9. The Seattle Seahawks lock up Home Field Advantage before we have to play the Colts on Christmas Eve.
10. And of course, clothes. Primarily sweatshirts. I wear a Large.

As I mentioned above, I’m not demanding or expecting anyone on my friends list to go out any buy/provide any of this stuff for me. But if you feel like doing me a little favor, I’d be very grateful for your consideration.


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