The Good News: I got a job that offers much better pay and full-time hours.

The Bad News: It’s sales and it’s dependent solely on commission.

Meh. It beats male prostitution, I guess.


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  1. loogaroo


    Basically, we’re given an area to canvas. We go to small businesses, ask their office manager where they get office supplies from, and see if e can offer them a better deal on stuff. You get a 28% commission on whatever they order, and they say that most people average around 10 orders a week for about $2000.

    I realize that this is probably not something I’d want to be in for very long – the business model seems so much like a pyramid scheme that I’m surprised King Tut isn’t the CEO – but with only about a month’s worth of savings left, I’m just looking for an opportunity to make some money.

    That they’ve managed to hook up with some high-profile clients at least makes me comfortable that it’s not some fly-by-night operation, so I’m willing to give them a chance for a month or two and see if it’s all they made it out to be. If I feel as if it’s working out, great; if not, at least I’ll probably have made enough money during that time to give me another opportunity to look for greener pastures.

  2. loogaroo

    Nope – you just show businesses a catalog of the supplies you can send them, and if they decide to buy something, you fill out the order form for them.


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