After yesterday’s potluck over at Mega Man X’s house, I have one question:

Why do people drink?


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  1. djtifabal

    People drink for many reasons:
    -To fit in.
    -To socialize.
    -To drown out their sorrows.
    -To try something new.
    -To impress that sepcail someone that they like.

    While people drink for these reasons, while they think that they are right, they are actually wrong. I personally, don’t like to drink.
    Reminds me, New Years Eve night is going to scare me. So many drunk drivers. *shudder*

  2. hsailormoon

    ahahah!!! What happened?!?!?! xD I must know now!!xD Were people stupid when drunk!!!?!!? Lets go back there with a blow horn and mega phone!!! xD I bet the hangovers are still in effect!!!! ^^: (yes I am mean)

  3. hsailormoon

    You forgot one!!! ^^ XD


    hahaha, and don’t lie, you know it’s true~~~ ;p lol not a deep philisophical answer… but true none the less~~

  4. thesilia

    why to drink…

    well, alcohol does in social settings what oil does in mechanical settings — it lubricates. people (gifted extroverts excepted) usually feel a little awkward making contact with other people in the absence of a comfortable groove. add a LITTLE alcohol and people relax, let down some of their fences, blurt out the funny things that cross their minds but they’re too self-conscious to utter otherwise. this is a Good Thing (tm, pat pend)

    unfortunately, too much of a Good Thing = a Bad Thing. add a LOT of alcohol, and people just get stuck on the stupid setting. While the drunk people think that the drunken banter goes to ELEVEN, most of the teetotallers look around thinking “WHY DO THEY DO THIS TO THEMSELVES?”


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