TJG review: Dragon Quest VIII

Having not played an installment of the Dragon Quest series beyond the fourth (under its American title, Dragon Warrior), the first thing that amazed me about Dragon Quest VIII is the fact that thematically, this game is almost exactly the same as the ones that preceded it. This isn’t a complaint, mind you. In fact, it makes the series feel like the video game equivalent of comfort food: you know what you’re getting and that’s why you like it.

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2 thoughts on “TJG review: Dragon Quest VIII

  1. nnnnnnnooooooo

    That game seems very weird to me.

    I mean, I’m not far into it by any means, but I start off with an obese pirate named “Yangus” yelling at me and mini-Piccolo in an English accent, and then we battle drops of Slime.

    I’m not judging, but it just seems like one of those childish happy-animeish RPG’s, which grow old to me fairly quickly. =/

  2. loogaroo

    Most of the “cute” enemies (slimes, drakees, etc.) are standards from the Dragon Quest/Warrior series since the very beginning. Chalk it up to continuity. A number of the musical stings are also send-ups of previous games.


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