Home. Sweet, delicious home.

So yeah, my business trip to Bakersfield is over. I’m back home, safe and sound. Made close to $900 in profit this week, thanks largely in part to a church I found on Wednesday that ended up ordering $1400 in stuff because we were able to give her 20% off almost everything they bought.

I’m really at a crossroads regarding work, though. I’m not entirely sure I want to continue down the road they have paved out for me. Working 12-hour days is one thing – going on a hastily-prepared road trip with three other people, staying at the team leader’s mom’s house for those five days, having absolutely no downtime during the trip, and being expected to return to the office on Monday as if nothing ever happened, that’s another matter entirely. And I know that it’s only going to get harder from here.

I can worry about that over the weekend, though. I’m still recovering right now. I do have to say one thing, though:


That is all.


5 thoughts on “Home. Sweet, delicious home.

  1. usasatsui

    Nine hundred bucks in a week?

    Heck, that’s almost double what I make! That’s probably more in a week than you made at Vons and hauling pizza combined.

    It may be hard work, but you must be doing something right, and most likely, while not every week will be like that, your “big weeks” will be bigger and bigger as you get more experience and more contacts.

    Oh, and can you believe Pittsburgh is favored by 4 points? I don’t know what playoffs they were watching. Should be one hell of a game either way.

  2. donaldduck5671

    A lot of people regard the AFC as way better than the NFC right now. Also to consider, Pitt beat the #1, #2, and #3 seeds.

    I’ll watch it at this bar my brother works at.

    The Original Donald
    Free food and booze TASTES better!

  3. loogaroo

    A lot of people also thought Indianapolis was going to coast to a championship. Whoops.

    And for what it’s worth, I seriously hope the Seahawks win next week for no other reason than to see both you and Sigmafan on the boards stop bashing them every time you post something.

  4. usasatsui

    Yes, the AFC is better right now. However, it is the best NFC team that dominated all year against the sixth-best AFC team that barely squeaked in.

    Pittsburgh beating the top 3 seeds is impressive, yeah. But 3 road games is hard to recover from. And Seattle -is- the #1 NFC seed. Record-wise, they are the best team in the NFL (winning the tiebreaker against the Colts).

    Most importantly to me, Seattle is playing solidly and destryoing anyone in thier way. They’ve got a very strong team. They’re reminding me a bit of the Patriots before all the injuries hit. The Steelers are flying mainly off a phenomonal rookie QB and a popular running back. A one-trick pony doesn’t do too well in big games, expecially when the pony is tired.

    The Steelers beat undeserving Cincinatti, physically and emotionally drained Indy, and let Denver beat themselves. The Super Bowl is certainly winnable for them, but let’s face it, Seattle is thier first real postseason challenge. I don’t think they’re up to it.

  5. donaldduck5671

    An interesting fact…..

    I believe ABC has covered six Super Bowls. remember kids, one is an accident, two is a coincidence, and three is a trend…

    Super Bowl XIX-San Francisco(NFC) 38, Miami(AFC) 16:sadly, Dan Marino’s only Super Bowl appearance.

    Super Bowl XXII-Washington(NFC) 42, Denver(AFC) 10:Doug Williams throw for four TDS in the 2nd quarter, a SB record.

    Super Bowl XXV-NY Giants(NFC) 20, Buffalo(AFC) 19: Scott Norwood. Nuff said.

    Super Bowl XXIX-San Francisco(NFC) 49, San Diego(AFC) 26. I hate Barry Switzer

    Super Bowl XXXIV-St. Louis(NFC) 23, Tennessee(AFC) 16: Dyson COMESTHISCLOSE!

    Super Bowl XXXVII-Tampa Bay(NFC) 48, Oakland(AFC) 21:two words…CHUCKY BABY!

    The Original Donald
    remember, past performances not indictative of future results. For entertainment purposes only.


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