More about Ref Bowl XL

(Michael Smith from chimes in about the terrible calls that giftwrapped the game to Pittsburgh.)

“In the offseason, 31 teams will be back at the drawing board, evaluating what they need to do to knock off the Steelers in the fall. After the postseason they just had, Mike Pereira and the NFL’s crew of officials would be wise to take a long, hard look at themselves. It’s a real shame when, on the game’s biggest stage, the major players aren’t players at all. We saw too much of the third team in Super Bowl XL and not enough Seahawks and Steelers.”


15 thoughts on “More about Ref Bowl XL

  1. hiphopnotik

    Not enough Seahawks or Steelers??? Is that because they didnt run up the scoreboard? Jesus fucking christ I guess for a game to be good the two offenses have to score a million points so that everyone is entertained?? What the fuck is wrong with people these days? If the close calls dont go with a team then the fans of that team are going to call it a bad call. There were a lot of calls that could have gone either way, or could have not been called at all. Maybe the ref crew should commend themselves for calling the ones that “shouldnt have been called” even though they called most of the game by the LETTER of the rule book. Whining about the calls is the same as making excuses for the team that didnt win. This game was a great game and whoever takes from the efforts of either squad can burn in fucking hell because they probably dont really have a fucking clue of what it takes to even make it to the level of ‘professional’. Im not talking about speed, or strength… Im talking about the countless hours of training and countless gallons of sweat, blood, and tears that were poured out on the field of glory we know as the grid-iron while training and preparing for the privelege of playing football for a living. Guess what people, the game was played and the game was called… the game is now over and the Steelers are on top and rightfully so. People should take a good look at the efforts of those who are rewarded with the chance to be called a champion, and every other single professional athlete that participates in the game of football. Dont take from the Steelers for winning the game. Dont take from the Seahawks for losing the game. Both teams should be honored for their awesome effort in even reaching the big game. Congratulations Steelers for being the champs, congratulations Seahawks for being a great team in the National Football League. No props go out to the people who make excuses and say that a team doesnt “deserve to win”… enough whining people, start celebrating the fact that we can enjoy this great sport.

  2. hiphopnotik

    I dont remember typing anything in there that implied that there werent things more important in life than football. If you missed the point, maybe you should read it carefully again.

  3. usasatsui

    Yeah, it was pretty bad. Still, I think all this talk of a conspiracy is overrated. Bad officials are something you have to deal with in sports. You should be able to win with them. As, y’know, Pittsburgh did 3 weeks ago.

    You’ll get over it. Seattle is a good shot to make it next year, I think.

  4. loogaroo

    Conspiracy was a bit of a lampoon, granted. But still – storied franchise vs. team that nobody outside of the Pacific Northwest gives a flying poo about. Who do you think Paul Tagliabue would’ve rather seen hoist the Lombardi trophy?

  5. loogaroo

    Hey, when all is said and done, the Steelers won the Super Bowl and the Seahawks didn’t. I’m OK with that.

    But let’s be realistic – the officiating was quantifiably abysmal. One of the common tenets of officiating for the championships of any sport is to just let the athletes play their game, and not call the touch fouls that, in the case of yesterday’s game, can wipe out all of a team’s momentum. Even Skip Bayless, who only two and a half weeks ago was calling the Seahawks a team of frauds and phoneys, thinks Seattle got jobbed by the zebras. I was listening to ESPN Radio on the way to work this morning, and even Steeler fans admitted that the refs called the game more favorably towards Pittsburgh.

    The problem isn’t necessarily the presence of particular calls, but the balance of them or lack thereof. If you’re going to call that pass interference on D-Jack, you’d better be prepared to do it on Hines Ward if he tries to get some separation. If that’s holding on Sean Locklear in the fourth quarter, then hell, let’s just get rid of the offensive line altogether.

    Fact of the matter: the Seahawks outgained the Steelers in offense, dominated them in time of possession, and only had one turnover to the Steelers’ two. And yet, they lost by 11 points. When the stats are lopsided in one direction and the score is lopsided in the other, foul play is involved.

  6. hiphopnotik

    The one thing that the Steelers were great at that the Seahawks werent… was scoring. Stats dont mean a damn thing if you cant score. A player can rush for 500 yards but if he doesnt touch the endzone then it doesnt mean anything. The stat argument is useless because stats arent what win games. If it was about stats then why would they have playoffs?

    Like I said before, the refs called the game for the most part, correctly. That offensive pass interference call was a legit penalty. You cant say that just because there were no other offensive pass interference calls, that the one in question should not have been called.

  7. hiphopnotik

    The answer to that question, sir, is the winner of the championship game. I would hope a man in his position would have the integrity and professionalism to be just as happy had it been the Seahawks on top.

  8. usasatsui

    Oh, please.

    Loog seems to think that all Pro Sports are scripted much like Pro Wrestling, but even I gotta admit, if I didn’t know better, I’d think this was the work of some very good WWE writers.

    The scrappy underdogs, by any means necessary, win the championship with tricks, some dirty, some less than dirty. The proud runner-up able to claim a moral victory in the fact the officials were “biased” and they played a better game. Both sides come out looking good. A rare double push. Hard to do. All the game really needed was Bettis with a chairshot to Hassleback whike the Line Judge was distracted by Randle El, and then Alexander coming off the top with an elbow to Rothlinburger.

    I’m not foolish enough to think the result was intentionally skewed, but I had to admit, it did make for a “storybook” ending. If it were scripted, it’d probably be easier to take…

  9. donaldduck5671

    Loog seems to think that all Pro Sports are scripted much like Pro Wrestling, but even I gotta admit, if I didn’t know better, I’d think this was the work of some very good WWE writers

    Have you SEEN what The Evil Federation has put on the tube lately?

    The Original Rollerdude
    watches RollerGirls on A & E Mondays @ 10 ET


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