Howie Mandel sold separately.

It’s the computer program based on everyone’s favorite game of sheer luck and intuition!

You can download the program here.


10 thoughts on “Howie Mandel sold separately.

  1. loogaroo

    It’s a new version. Among the changes:

    – The dollar amounts are now accurate to the show. Alas, no more $2,500,000 top prize… *Sigh*
    – The window colors change when the bank is ready to make an offer. A couple of other cosmetic changes have also taken place.
    – The banker now has a crude AI to him. Earlier versions had the banker just take an average of the dollar amounts still in play (or a fraction of it in earlier rounds to make up for all the huge numbers available). Now, the banker will adjust his offer based on the amounts you eliminate. If you get on a roll and knock out a lot of small numbers, the banker will make a more favorable offer. On the other hand, if you knock out a couple of big numbers in a row, the banker will be more likely to undercut his offer.

  2. baugh217


    The only concern I have is that the graphics do not fit on smaller resolution screens (mine’s 800×640). I’m unable to see the denominations on the right side and I can’t get the window to expand.

    Other than that, nice job! I like the previous offer feature (I’m surprised the NBC game doesn’t have that).

    For the record, on my first play, I took a $472,000 deal and could’ve had $750K. I took the deal with $10, $25, $50K, $750K, and $1M left (I knocked out the $10 case which would’ve given me a $558K offer, but then I knocked out the $1M case and $50K case).

  3. quelkaima

    This woulda never happened to Howie Mandel!

    Um… oops? For the record, I knocked out $750,000 right before the bank offer, which, as you can see, cleaned out the right side of the board.
    Mean value for that is $280.83, but I thought the offer was gonna be somewheres around $400.

    Mr. Autobanker was a bit careless in his offer. Obviously, I made a good deal. $100 in the case.

  4. dmota104

    Not Bad…

    …but it needs some sound effects to jazz it up. (Chimes when a lousy amount is eliminated, thuds and “rattles” for the big money, telephone ring to signal a banker’s offer, etc.)

    Still hoping for a play-along version of “Luck of the Draw”. (Holler if you need playing card artwork…I have *plenty*).

  5. loogaroo

    Re: Not Bad…

    I’ve always had this philosophy regarding sound effects: If they’re not clean, don’t use them. Seeing as I don’t know the first place to look for clean DoND sounds, that’s been a low priority.

    And as for LotD, I’ve got card graphics already. What I need is a lot of questions and a way to cycle through them between games (so that the game doesn’t start on question #1 every time you start it up).

  6. dmota104


    Looking forward to seeing the LotD game. Keep us posted.

    BTW, if you want the amounts to have more of a realistic look, holler. I’ve got the font used in the DoND logo.

    I’ve used it for 10 years in *my* radio show’s logo…


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