It’s been a while.

Wow, I haven’t updated my LJ in a couple of weeks. Better get on that right now.

– First of all, I’ve found another new job. This one’s actually pretty cool: I’m going to be a cage cashier at the Bicycle Casino in Bell Gardens. The two advantages of this job over my last one: better pay (I was making around $250 a week as a courier – that wasn’t going to be anywhere near enough to pay the bills) and I’m not going to have to spend $75 a week on gas anymore.

– Version 1.1 of my Deal or No Deal program is now up. Two fixes have been made: first, the initial offers (which sometimes eclipsed $30,000 if you stayed away from most of the big numbers) have been toned down a bit, and the Dave Adams Bug (being offered $1000 when six sub-$1000 amounts were left) has been fixed.

– I splurged a bit when my tax refund came last month ($830!) and got myself a Generation NEX. Humorously enough, I forgot to change my address on eBay, so I had to drive back to Ventura last weekend to pick it up. Since then, Ben & I have been getting quite a bit of mileage out of it – especially since Ben came across my Lolo games and has gotten summarily addicted to them.

I’ve entertained the thought of driving to Game Dude in North Hollywood to replenish my collection, although one of the reasons I sold off a large chunk of my games a couple of years ago was because I wasn’t playing the majority of them. It also appears that the prices of NES games seem to have levelled off – even the once ubiquitous Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt cartridge goes for $5 at the couple of places I’ve checked online.

– I’m trying to get the website back up, after having purchased a new domain name from Yahoo!. Although if the current obstacles I’ve faced are any indication, whatever cosmic forces govern this universe do not want me to get the site back up. If and when I go get things operational again, one thing I’d definitely like to do is produce an episode of one of my ideas at a public access studio somewhere so I can broadcast it online. I’d really like to see what sort of demand there is out there for a webcasted game show, and this would give me a good way to get it out there.

– I managed to get in a few games of ITG in yesterday. After being the first at the Galleria to pass the Chill Out course and passing a couple 12s for the first time in about five months, I guess it’s safe to say that I still got it – or, whatever small portion of “it” I originally had.


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