Four words.

Transcript of a conversation had by myself and fortheonesilove last night, with djtyrant and Sophos in attendance:

Shayne: “I’d like to see them do a real-life movie of…”
Tim: “Hold it right there. Do not. Do not. DO NOT. Under any circumstances – ANY circumstances – A-N-Y – suggest a real-life version of any cartoon. EVER.”
Shayne: “Why’s that?”
Tim: “I will say these four words, and it will prove my case undoubtedly.”
Shayne: “What, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?”
Tim: “No, Masters of the Universe.”
[entire car bursts into laughter]

In other news…

Tim Connolly Watch ’06

Game 4:
No goals, no assists (Sabres lost 5-4)

Game 5:
1 Goal, 1 Assist (Sabres won 3-0)

Playoff totals to date:
3 goals, 4 assists, +1 ratio (Sabres lead series 3-2)


2 thoughts on “Four words.

  1. loogaroo

    Re: So…..

    Given that the CGI effects are often used in conjunction with real-life scenes (Scooby-Doo, Rocky & Bullwinkle), I would say yes.


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