What happens at EAT 5 stays at EAT 5.

So I’m putting out a couple of feelers to see how difficult it’ll be for me to get July 20-23 off for the tournament. When I explain the reason I need the time off (mentioning the fact that I have people coming in from out of state SUP JON BRESSLER), my supervisor gives me a weird look and asks “Is that the real reason you need that time off?” I swear that it is and ask why he would doubt me. He writes something down on a piece of paper and shows another cashier what’s on it. She giggles. I ask to see what’s on the paper, but he refuses to show it to me. Finally, the other cashier spills the beans: there’s a porn convention in LA that weekend.

Guess I shouldn’t expect Edgar to be there. (wink wink nudge nudge)

In any event, things at the casino have been going relatively well. Haven’t run into any big name players yet (although I did get to see Men the Master’s driver’s license photo – and he doesn’t look like he’s in a particularly happy mood), but I’ve been making enough in tips to bridge the gap between my hourly wage and what I pretty much need to make each day to stay afloat. Even better – June’s going to have three paydays (we get paid every other Thursday, and with the next one being two days from now giving me the 1st, 15th, and 29th of June to look forward to), and that’ll certainly help out quite a bit – especially if I’m going to be taking four days off. I’m doing quite well from what I’ve been told, and with the extra brownie points I’ve scored as of late (working six days last week + coming in two hours early today), it shouldn’t be too hard to persuade them to let me go.

In other news:

Tim Connolly Watch ’06 is currently on hiatus as he continues to recover from the crushing hit he took in the opening moments of game 3 against Ottawa. The Sabres did win the series, so now it’s on to the Eastern Conference Finals against the Carolina Hurricanes. Game 1 is on Saturday – hopefully Tim’ll be back on his skates by then.

– I certainly hope the coming season of Survivor this fall is better than the last two. Between Guatemala (which was totally blah from start to finish) and Exile Island (in which the final two consisted of people I wasn’t entirely thrilled with), the show’s been on a downslide as of late. Hopefully they’ll be able to tweak the Exile Island feature (the immunity idol went to complete waste) to make it more engaging, and the Cook Islands motif indicates a return to the pirate-like storyline that helped make Pearl Islands so popular.

– If you have cable and you haven’t watched Viking: The Ultimate Obstacle Course on ESPN2 yet, you’re totally missing out. It’s like a more intense version of MXC, without two idiots dubbing over the action or the constant references to genitalia. TiVo it.


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