About damn time.

The Wizard comes out on DVD this August.



5 thoughts on “About damn time.

  1. tleberle

    I want to know who thought that it would be a good idea to rerelease an 80 minute advertisement for what amounts to a dead machine.

    Seriously, folks. The ‘child welfare’ bit was tacked on, and you couldn’t go a minute without seeing Ol’ Gray prominently on screen. I went to see it, and I marked out just like everyone else. It would be good merely as kitsch. And the “He touched my breasts!” line. That was worth the price of admission alone. Which is good, because it really went downhill after that.

  2. wschmrdr

    wait, this is the “AAAAAAAAH! HE TOUCHED MY BREASTS!” movie, right?


  3. usasatsui

    The movie is only good as some sort of ironic humor who loved it and Nintendo when we were kids. Therefore, it should pick up a few sales. It’s a good example of a movie that’s so bad, people are willing to pay to see just how bad it is. I probably will.


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