Ready for this again?

After parusing through my old LJ entries (yes, I’m a dork), I came across this little ditty. One of those memes that popped up every once in a while. Here are the rules:

1. Below are a series of lines from 20 songs on my WinAmp playlist.
2. If you think you know the song the lines came from (and the band who sang them), leave a comment.
3. As lines are identified, they will be crossed out, indicating that someone’s beaten you to them.

Let’s hope you guys can do better than last time (6 lines identified out of 20). Here are the lines:

1. So keep on kicking, the bomb is ticking (jjkjustin)

2. Don’t stop (Don’t stop!) Don’t stop the beat/Can’t stop (Can’t stop!) Can’t stop the beat/Won’t stop (Won’t stop!) won’t stop the beat, Go!! (dmnsux0rz)

3. We raced up and down the sidewalk twenty thousand million times

4. And you wanted to dance, so I asked you to dance, but steel is in your soul (obeyjustin)

5. Missing you is more than I can stand/I need you here with me so very bad

6. I can forgive but I won’t forget

7. “Well, the first defense is a good offense, you know who said that? Mel, the cook on Alice. (drbear)

8. Watches tick out of tune, falling apart

9. At your command, before you here I stand, my heart is in my hand… Uggh. (xishimarux)

10. One day, this embarrassment will fade behind me/And that day, I can think of things that won’t remind me

11. So I sat back down and I had a beer and felt sorry for myself (dmnsux0rz)

12. We’ll play a melody and turn the lights down low so that none can see/We gotta do that, we gotta do that

13. Haven’t been in a crowd like this since I went to see The Who (drbear)

14. I think her gun’s unloaded now/I guess tomorrow will be after all

15. I will give you all I could ever give/Though it’s less than you will need

16. All dots and lines who speak and say/”What we do is what you wish to do” (dmnsux0rz)

17. If the engine’s stalled and it won’t stop raining, it’s the right time

18. Like a game show contestant with a parting gift, I could not believe my eyes (dmnsux0rz)

19. She claims the guys are hard to please/She wears teen perfume behind her knees (xishimarux)

20. And I know/And I feel/That I could learn to hate just like you

9 thoughts on “Ready for this again?

  1. drbear

    I know 7 is from the Twae Kwon Leep bit (boot to the head!) but forget who did it – it’s on a Dr. Demento album. And 13, of course, is from one of Weird Al’s early ones, “Another One Rides The Bus.”


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