Tiiiiiiime’s Up!

All right guys, it’s Monday. (Early Monday, mind you, but still Monday.) I’m going to give you guys a couple more days on the second batch of lyrics (with new lines added like before), but it’s time to take the ones that have been up since Thursday around the back of the barn and retire them. Here’s what you missed:

6. And are we all still solemn and bleeding/And are we still swimming to water that was already wet/I can forgive but I won’t forget
Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories, “It’s Over”

8. And nobody knows where we been/Cancelled rations are running thin/Watches tick out of tune, falling apart
Beck, “Readymade”

12. We’ll play a melody and turn the lights down low so that none can see/We gotta do that, we gotta do that/And there’ll be no one else alive in all the world ‘cept you and me
They Might Be Giants, “Yeh Yeh”

15. I will give you all I could ever give/Though it’s less than you will need/Could you just forget if you can’t forgive/All the things I could not concede
Barenaked Ladies, “For You”

20. And I know/And I feel/That I could learn to hate just like you/And I know/And I feel/That you could learn to love just like me
Flickerstick, “Beautiful”

And here are the two from the second round that haven’t been guessed yet (and a really big hint for one of them):

24. Life’s parade of fashion just leaves me depressed/Under every garment I can see xxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx/Call the men of science and let them hear this song/Tell them Albert Einstein and Copernicus were wrong

25. I thought I knew all it took to bother you/Every word I said was true, that you’ll see/How could it be/I’m the only one who sees/Your rehearsed insanity, yeah

Answers for these last two (if nobody gets them) will come on Wednesday.


2 thoughts on “Tiiiiiiime’s Up!

  1. donaldduck5671

    Man, what happened to Flickerstick? I was a faithful watcher of Bands On The Run, and it was really to see them, Asscracker(as Harlow called them), Harlow, and the Josh Dodes Band tour, warts, van crashes(which cost JDB IMO), and all. Too bad VH1 didn’t do a second season, but I guess the record execs told them to play more XXXTina.

    The Original DOnald
    Amanda was da bomb!

  2. loogaroo

    van crashes(which cost JDB IMO)

    Had JDB not incurred that $250 penalty for the accident (not to mention the loss of time they had to publicize their concert), Harlow would’ve been the first team out and not them.


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