OK, so this has been a pretty kick-ass week.

First off, I got a check from Exacta (the courier service I worked for back in February/March) that I wasn’t expecting to get. It amounted to over $600. This, coupled with the extra payday I get this month, means I’ll be in much better financial shape now than I was around this about two months ago. So much so, I might actually splurge and finally get me a DS.

On top of that, learn that the cage manager at work has approved my time off for next month. This basically means that all the obstacles are now out of the way for EAT 5 to go as planned. (Well, there is one more thing – I forgot to e-mail the owner of EA and let him know of the tournament’s planned existence. But I’m going to be getting that out of the way tomorrow.)

I also visited EA on Wednesday night and played quite a bit of DDR (a game I’ve had a major hankering to play the last couple of weeks). Two absolutely fluky scores ensued – 2 Greats on Abyss (my previous best was 6; nice stab there) and my conquering of the #1 Pop 4 Difficult score by about 10,000 points. (Funny thing was, I didn’t even full combo the first two songs – I just pwned I Do I Do I Do. I did AAA that song once, ya know.)

Not only that, I attended my orientation at the Comcast studio on Cahuenga Blvd. Unfortunately, I’m becoming very reticent to have Buried Treasure produced a that facility, for a couple reasons. For one thing, they have a rule preventing non-employees who aren’t the producer from being in the control room. That, coupled with their inability to patch in an outside laptop to their video or audio feeds (even though it was a video-out connection) means that I would either have to have an employee operate the game board (and buzzers, which would require the purchase of a USB extension cord) or I would have to have a camera actually shoot the screen and mic up the speaker, which sounds really amateurish. For another thing, they’re booked until September. As much as I don’t want to worry about both this and EAT 5 at the same time, two months is a bit of a gap. I’m probably going to look into moving the production to the Adelphia studios in Santa Monica where Ben did his production last year; I’ll keep everyone posted.

And lastly, I made $65 in tips today. Not only that, my drawer balanced perfectly. I celebrated with some Rocky Road ice cream.

So, to sum up: Yay.


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