Crisis averted.

So Tuesday I got an e-mail from the owner of EA saying that he wasn’t exactly down with having EAT 5 running on a Friday and Saturday, saying that the disruption of their two busiest nights would cost them $1000 in revenue. Ouch. He suggested we move it to the middle of the week (Tuesday-Wednesday or Wednesday-Thursday), but weekday tournaments are rarely successful, and I’d already put in for the weekend off from work. Commence the scrambling.

Fortunately, I talked it over with him on the phone, and he doesn’t have much of a problem having the tournament run on Saturday and Sunday, so long as the Saturday events don’t run past 6 PM (which they shouldn’t, seeing as these would be the lesser events like Doubles and Bounty Hunt.) He also said that Sunday isn’t a very busy night, so we can run longer if need be then.

Note to self: make sure the venue knows about the dates before you post them.


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