The curtain falls.

I think it’s safe to say that I’ve bought my last movie ticket.

I made my way down to the Mann Exchange theater on Maryland Ave. (About two blocks away from home, and it’s not even the closest theater to me!), pockets fully stuffed with gummy bears and a 20-oz. bottle of Pepsi, to finally watch X-Men 3. The price for a matinee ticket? $8.50. I don’t even want to know what they wanted to charge for a ticket after 5:00 PM. On the way home, I decided to grab some popcorn, and ended up spending over $5 for a small. (Granted, it’s been an hour and a half since I’ve gotten home and I’m still working on it, but still. Those same gummy bears would’ve cost me $3.25 for a bag half the size of what I brought in.) And yet, the theater still doesn’t seem to be making enough money to not require us to sit through about eight minutes of commercials before the previews even start to roll.

Bear in mind, I’ve never been much of a movie buff. In fact, 2004 marked the record for movies that I saw at the theater, at a whopping four (Van Helsing, Spider-Man 2, Shrek 2, The Incredibles). Most years, it’s one. And last year, I didn’t go to the movies at all. So it may not be as if I’m suddenly repudiating myself of the industry considering my lack of interest in it to begin with. I’ve always been very guarded about my free time – I wasn’t just going to commit 2 hours of my free time and roughly $15 in ticket and concessions unless I was sure I would like the movie.

So, yeah. From now on, if I want to see a movie, I’ll just wait until it comes out on DVD. It’ll only cost me an extra $5, and I’ll be able to watch it as many times as I want. Plus, I won’t have to shove gummy bears down my pants.

(BTW, I’ve cleaned up the “Angry Gohan” pic. Just thought I’d mention that.)


6 thoughts on “The curtain falls.

  1. wschmrdr

    And I wonder why I never go to watch movies…..

    I don’t think it’s THAT bad on the east coast, but it’s probably around that level of cost.

  2. santiago22

    Seriously, going to any movie theatre is a fucking rip-off these days, and most of the movies that come out now are just utter garbage. It amazes me that Hollywood hasn’t yet figured out why their industry suffers as it does.

  3. usasatsui

    Going to the movies isn’t about the movies.

    It’s about the person you go to the movies with.

    Theateres are for groups, and expecially dates. Going by yourself just isn’t worth it, but with someone, the “value” goes up.

  4. riversidedimple

    I’m sorry, I don’t even know you, but I have to strongly disagree with you on that one. Going to the movies is the lazy man’s way out of a cheap date… good night! All you are doing is sitting down for two hours, and you can’t even talk during the movie, only before and after. To me, going to the movies with a date is a waste of time and money. Plus, I have this theory that usually people with really ugly dates go to movies… only coz they might look better in the dark. I’m just stating my own theory…

    …with that said, I think one of the most underrated date activities is something I’ve done more of nowadays, and that is bowling! Think about it, all you do is sit for over two hours in a movie theatre and not talk much. At least with bowling, you can be yourself with someone you are interested in. You can screw around a little bit, you can see your date in light (unless there is Cosmic Bowling, where you can get down and boogie down the lanes), and you can actually chat it up!

    Ooooh, and concerts or shows. I think those are a little underrated, too. Don’t go for ultra-expensive concerts. Yea. =)

  5. jjkjustin

    I see movies in theaters very rarely, and for mainly the same reason as you discovered today. I only tend to see it when I’m with a group, and everyone else really wants to see one.

    Good entry, by the way.

  6. usasatsui

    Well, why not consider what your date wants? My wife likes seeing movies, and she hates bowling. Therefore, guess what we do when we go out?

    Yes, I’m married. That probably skews my opinion a bit…for better or worse. 🙂


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