Uhhh…. Thanks, but….

The Seattle Seahawks are atop ESPN.com’s preseason power rankings.

That’s awful flattering, but history suggests that they should be down around #14. (The last five Super Bowl losers have failed to make the playoffs.)


3 thoughts on “Uhhh…. Thanks, but….

  1. caffymajin

    I saw that too. I really think they can break the streak of Super Bowl losers sucking the next year because they didn’t lose *that much*. I don’t think they’ll go 13-3 again this year, but playoffs for sure, and perhaps they’ll get another shot at the big one 🙂

  2. hiphopnotik

    Its a good thing we dont go by the history otherwise we probably wouldnt have much of a market since no one would have to play… Hey! Maybe the Raiders do have a chance this year!

    … ;__; or not.


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