The aftermath

After a week of stress, fun, laughter, anxiety, and more Starbursts than you can shake a stick at, EAT5 and all its surrounding events are now over.

The good stuff:
– Playing the CD Jon made in the car. Among the tracks: the Katamari Damacy theme, a song with bass so strong it made the car vibrate, and a 60-second loop of the Pyramid clock.
– Winning my first game of Mario Superstar Baseball. (Subsequent games were not as successful.)
– The four catchphrases that we had coined over the first couple of days: “Don’t Mount on it,” “Olé, bitches,” “Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring… SHUT THE FUCK UP!” and “I don’t need condoms; I’m a man!”
– Handicap Challenge. Most specifically, me playing the dartboard challenge and heroicly nailing a Double 18 at the end of the song to get over 100 points. That was epic.
– The celebration dinner at Sumo Restaurant after the tournament. I’m really starting to enjoy Japanese cooking, namely because it’s the only way I can get both steak and a pork chop for $12.

The bad stuff:
– As feared, the turnout was terrible: only ten paying entrants competed among all five events (Freestyle ended up getting cancelled because there was only one paying competitor and none of the judges showed up). Of the 13 pre-regs, only four actually came.
– My temper got the best of me a couple of times, particularly when we played poker on Saturday.
– The weather. When it’s 12:30 in the morning in Ventura and it’s still 80 degrees outside, you know it’s damn hot.
– My car battery died twice; once on Sunday (as we were going to the Japanese restaurant), once today as I was just about to drive Jon to the airport. I ended up giving Jon $25 to get a cab ride to Burbank, plus I had to spend another $90 on a new battery. Mind you, I’ve worked three days less over the past week than I normally do.
– A bit of a flamewar has broken out on the EA thread between kemi and jjkjustin over the bathroom facilities at EA. And yes, it’s as bad as it sounds.

Still and all, I had a great time. I’m already going into a bit of tournament withdrawal (why am I retiring from tournaments again? Oh yeah, that’s right… I have to work weekends now!), but I’ve talked to a couple of people about holding future tournaments at EA and they seem willing to give it a try. Lord knows they’ll probably never let me run another one the way I produced half as many entrants as I promised them.


4 thoughts on “The aftermath

  1. kemi

    Around the time it degraded into personal attacks about my mental status and how I need “a dick up my ass”, I simply showed it to dad and we laughed together.

    Made for some amusing comedy.


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