Watching the premieres of Chain Reaction and StarFace on GSN tonight, I don’t know what was more surprising:

– The fact that Chain Reaction is using the original Go bonus round (and came up with a pretty clever way to score it), or

– The fact that Pat Finn is the executive producer of StarFace.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I’m giving CR a 9/10 out of the box, falling short of the perfect ten because of a couple of gameplay idiosyncracies (like the fact that they’ll spell out a whole word and not leave off the last letter like versions in the past). StarFace I give a 6/10 – it’s innocuous enough, but I don’t see myself watching it religiously.


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  1. amnewsboy

    I’m grateful they didn’t try using half-zeroes in the CR bonus; I like the wager round, but worry that we’re going to see a LOT of teams go bust (like the guys did tonight) because of bad betting.

    StarFace… Danny reading scripted one-liners just annoyed me so bad that I couldn’t bear to watch past the first segment. I admit to being biased; I’ve never been one for the celebrity shows.

  2. donaldduck5671


    REALLY don’t like the 50 Game Shows Chosen by a Dartboard


    Once again, Loog, you are 100% correct. Studs? Dog Eat Dog?

    The Original Donald
    Brooke Burns is NOT THAT HOT!

  3. baloneyman

    The New Chain Reaction

    This version was really not as good as it could have been. The set belongs on a prime time quizzer, the theme is annoyingly repetitive (the original was peppey and upbeat), the host is bland, and instead of dumbing down the standards for the bonus round they should just find smarter contestants.


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