I finally found out what “camel toe” means today.

Pardon me while I laugh hysterically.

In other news, I’m playing poker at Full Tilt again. Made a $50 deposit there on Monday that is now up to almost $70. I also made it a point to save up an extra $100 (on top of the $50 I had for the deposit) before I started playing, so that I wouldn’t be gambling with money I need to have. If the account dries up one way or another, I’m not going to make another deposit until I save up another $150. That way, even if I’m losing money on FTP, I’ve still got money in savings.


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  1. donaldduck5671


    I’m curious as to what service you use to deposit into your account. I’m on PP and UB but I’m not sure how to do it.(I don’t want to do it YET, as I’m going to Florida in late September)


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