Well, here’s what’s been going on in the last week or so.

First off, as hard as it may be to believe, but we’re closing in on my one year anniversary of me having moved from Ventura out to Glendale. Barring any catastrophes (as in, the apartment burning down or anything similarly disastrous), I will cross that one-year mark on the 16th. I must say, I’m quite proud that I’ve managed to make it on my own (well, with a roommate) for an entire year – especially considering how bleak things were looking around February/March, having lost the sales job and pretty much whiffing on TV work. Working at the Bike has proven to be worthwhile, giving me enough to pay the bills and just enough on the side to save up and make a few discretionary purchases here and there.

Speaking of which, I picked up an external hard drive today. It’s a Maxtor 200GB drive that I got for $100 at Staples. Not a bad price at all. This should help me out with the video capturing stuff now that I don’t have to burn everything onto DVD anymore.

Yesterday, riversidedimple and I went and saw the final table of the WPT’s Legends of Poker at work. While there, Jason made about $7 at the blackjack table (having invested $7, so he doubled his money) while I got the affirmative confirmation that no, even though I’m not working and in street clothes, I’m not allowed to play. So I just watched, even though a few floorpeople encouraged me to take a seat – I’m not putting my job on the line for a few $2 blackjack hands. Just as well: I had earmarked that money for the hard drive already and didn’t have much to throw around anyway. While we were there, we got a demonstration on how to play Pan 9, which incidentally is the game that gameshowman is a prop player for at the Commerce. We both concluded that it would be a fun-ass game to play if we were to actually learn the mechanics of it.

As far as the final table was concerned, it was definitely entertaining. The kid who eventually won – a local player by the name of Joe Pelton – made some astoundingly good plays, particularly late in the day. One such hand had him enticing the chip leader – an absolute assclown named Frankie O’Dell – into moving all in with J4 while Joe was holding Q8 on a QQ4 board. Joe took a huge chip lead as a result of the hand, O’Dell tilted, and it was all over a few hands later. Before we got there, Jason had set the under/over on how long the final table would take at five hours. I emphatically took the under, and I was right: the whole thing (pageantry and all) wrapped up in less than four hours.

OK, I need sleep right about now. I’ll see you guys later.


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