Undefeated no more

Seattle Seahawks – 6
Chicago Bears – 37

What, you thought they were gonna go 4-0? That hasn’t happened in, like, ever.

Next game: Week 6 at St. Louis (3-1)
All of a sudden, we’ve got us a race in the division. Me no likies.


2 thoughts on “Undefeated no more

  1. donaldduck5671

    I wasn’t surprised

    After seeing Seattle allowing the New York Lilliputians back in the game I told my brother, a big fan of DA BEARS!, that Chicago was gonna cremate the Seahawks, and he didn’t think it would happen.

    The Original Donald
    at least there are plenty of seats on the Bucs bandwagon

  2. tleberle

    I’m not worried. Sure, it’s better to learn lessons from a win than a loss, but this was the whack upside the head that the Seahawks need. The NFL is not 31 pushovers and the Seahawks. This is a great time for us to have the bye week so we can heal our wounds, study the tape and practice doubly for the next game.

    So we’re not perfect. Big deal. 3-1 is good enough for me. And as for a division race, I say bring it on. It makes things more interesting, as opposed to having a five-game lead by Christmas and having what could be the biggest game of the year becoming a nothing contest between third-squad players.


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