I’ve been working on a VB program for the old Goodson-Todman game show Now You See It this evening. I’m hoping to try it out on Ben, Travis, Jason and the rest of the SoCal game show crew on a future game night (which we’re planning for Nov. 4, the day after my birthday). One of the issues is that I’m going to have a whole smattering of boards that I want to be able to swap in and out as needed. In the past, whenever I’ve had game material (for example, for those $25K Pyramid games we played at the Suchards last year), all the data was hard-coded in. I didn’t know how to get a program to read data from an outside file and implement it into the program. Well, I did, but the way it was explained to me left me confused. Since every file you open has to be assigned a number, I kept wondering how I’m supposed to know what number file I’m on.

Fast forward to about two hours ago, when I re-read the chapter of the VB book I have on the subject, and suddenly, I’m struck with an idea: what if I open a file, read and input all the data in one fell swoop, close the file, and then assign the next file I open the same number. I try it out, and lo and behold, it works! Huzzah!

The short-term result of this that I can now get most of the NYSI stuff done pretty quickly (although all the actual game material hasn’t been written yet, but I’ve still got about 9 months to do that). The long-term result is that now I’ve figured out how to add question packs to a program, so any other game programs I might try in the future don’t get stale. Of course, there’s one particular program some of you have been clamoring for – something involving draws and luck and slots and something. We’ll see if this epiphany doesn’t help spur that along.


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