Let the freefall begin!

Seattle B-Hawks – 28
Kansas City Chiefs – 35

I was going to say that the defense had some bright spots at least, but then I remembered how many points the Chiefs scored. Whoops.

It’s really hard getting up the same kind of motivation to watch this season as it was last season, or even the one before that. Many of our core players are injured, even before that we were struggling to find a rhythm, and out here they haven’t shown a single Seahawks game on TV yet. (Compare that to last season, when at least half of the Seahawks’ games were on one network or another.) Combine that with the fact that we’re not even halfway into the season and already we’re going to have to count on some major schadenfreude against St. Louis to make it into the postseason.

Then again, at least we can take solace in the fact that Seattle’s record is better than Pittsburgh’s. (Bitter? Me? Naaaaaah.)

Next Week: vs. Oakland (1-5)
And if we lose this one, we should just forfeit the entire rest of the season. Like Arizona did.


4 thoughts on “Let the freefall begin!

  1. tleberle

    If there was ever a bigger case of “Fair Weather Fan,” than this, I haven’t seen it. You’d rather whine and moan about how bad things are, when there were several good things going on there. Go nuts and wallow in self-pity. After all, it’s a week eight football game, so it’s the most important thing in the world right now.

    Good Grief.

  2. donaldduck5671


    I mean, it could be worse.

    You could be a Tampa Bay Bucs fan.

    and of course, you could root for the Cards

    The Original DOnald


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