Two funny stories regarding the PS3 launch and the overhyped fervor that has come along with it:

– At a West Covina Target store, those who had been waiting hours – or even days – to get their grimy little hands on a PS3 were sent away by a security guard just minutes before the store was to open and were told to wait on the other end of the parking lot for a whistle to indicate that the store was open. Naturally, the whole thing ended up turning into a very depressing version of a 100-yard dash.

– At another local Circuit City, the manager decided to completely pass over those who had waited outside for days by insteead making it a random draw to determine who got to spend $599 on a system that by most accounts has terrible launch titles. (Of course, we all know that most of these people probably aren’t going to keep the system – they’re going straight to eBay. Even so, any person who is willing to spend more than the already inflated price of $599 on a PS3 is a fool who deserves to be parted from his money.)

Bow your heads, PS3 fanboys. Bow your heads in shaaaaaame.


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  1. loogaroo

    It’s common knowledge that almost every video game console sells at a loss (those that try to sell for a profit end up dying a horrible death – witness the 3DO), and that game sales are intended to make up the difference.

    However, $600 for a video game system – even at a loss – is way too much. If Sony has that much confidence in the PS3, they should’ve kept it at least under the $500 mark – at least then the price would still be high but not outrageously so. And if you think I’m kidding, just wait until the Wii launches, and parents doing their Christmas shopping have the not-so-difficult choice of buying either a $600 “toy” or a $250 “toy”.

  2. mmxfan

    At the local Best Buy on Thursday, there was some sort of “Tent City” made up of people waiting in line to get their hands on a half-working machine. Even if I was able to spend $600 on a machine, I would have bought about 2-3 DVD Recorders and blank DVDs instead of that pile of garbage people call a PS3.


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