I’m dreaming of a white Qwest Field

Seattle Seahawks – 34
Green Bay Packers – 24

When your starting quarterback commits four turnovers in the first half and your team still wins, that can only be taken as a good thing. As long as said quarterback doesn’t commit four turnovers in the the first half of another game any time in the near future. Also, thank Brett Favre for being similarly generous with three picks of his own, basically canceling out the three that Hasselbeck threw. Still, I certainly hope that the ‘Hawks polish up their play in inclement weather, since chances are we’re going to be playing another one in Chicago sometime in the postseason.

Next week: at Denver (7-4)
Denver’s just made Jay Cutler their starting quarterback, switching out Jake Plummer. Can’t say I’m happy with the move (I would’ve much preferred to see Plummer under center against the ‘Hawks) but we’ve already hit our quota of breakthrough rookie QBs this year (Romo already has and Young looks like he’s turning the corner), so I’m not terribly worried.

By the way, about now would be a good time for me to chortle haughtily at those Steelers fans who are staring at the opposite record for their team. Typically I feel a bit of sympathy for fans of teams with subpar records (well, except for the Raiders) – after all, the Seahawks were in that boat a long time before Holmgren took over – but after watching the refs giftwrap and award the Steelers the Vince Lombardi trophy last February, I have absolutely no remorse watching the defending Super Bowl champs circle the drain. Maybe that Loser’s Curse I mentioned a while back only applies to the team that should have lost.

(Bitter? Me? No.)


2 thoughts on “I’m dreaming of a white Qwest Field

  1. caffymajin

    Denver should be a good test of Seattle at this point in the season. I’m only worried about Chicago and maybe Dallas in the playoffs right now, but we’ll see, the NFC is a very tricky animal to guage right now and only the Ming Ding Xiong (Bears whose outcomes are decided by fate) are showing any signs of decency.

  2. donaldduck5671

    what would Deacon Jones say(that we can print)????

    Meanwhile SOMEONE’S(probably not yours and certainly not MINE) NY Giants are going down the drain. I mean, COME ON! You had Vince Young IN YOUR HANDS! DRILL THE SOB! If you get flagged, let the FanDroids crab about that type of officiating!

    The Original Donald
    can’t blame Tom Coughlin for that.


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